Four Foreign Views On Florida Primary

Following are four views from foreign newspapers regarding the Republican primary in the state of Florida:

Great Britain, The Independent:
“Humiiated Giuliani Set To Endorse McCain”
“Rudy Giuliani, whose dreams of becoming the American president were abruptly breached in the Republican primary in Florida last night will today signal his intention to bow out of the nomination contest and transfer his support to the winner, Senator John McCain.”

Canada, Toronto Star:
“McCain Pulls Away From Pack”
“Arizona Senator John McCain has emerged as the front-runner in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, winning yesterday’s crucial Floriday primary and expecting an endorsement today from the vanquished former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani.”

Germany, Der Spiegel:
“John McCain Trumps Romney, Giuliani In Florida”
“The Republican field has been looking more like a scrum than a campaign. With John McCain winning the primary in Florida on tuesday though, the race is now a two-man spring to next week’s Super Tuesday and Big Mac looks to have the advantage.”

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:
“Ascendant McCain Leaves Rivals Trailing”
“JOHN MCCAIN has become the frontrunner in a Republican nominee race that could be decided as soon as next week. Senator McCain cemented his claim with a hard-fought win over M itt Romney in th e Florida primary on Tuesday.”

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  • Fred Stopsky

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