Fox News Allows Tyrants To Talk!!

Fox News conducts a non-stop program of denouncing “liberals” for giving aid and comfort of the voices of Muslim radicalism. If any “liberal” dares to suggest one must examine ideas of Muslim terrorist it is a certainty the cute blonds who pose for news commentators on Fox News will denounce this effort to actually listen to opposing viewpoints. So, who appeard on Fox News? The one and only leading tyrant in the world-President Bashar al-Assad! Fox News offered this bloody two bit murderer an opportunity to spout his views on why he is the voice of reason and why he is the one fighting for peace and happiness in Syria. Bashar boasted that he wanted to hand over chemical weapons that he really does not have, but if the UN or the USA wants these things that he does not posses, then as a man of peace, please take them off his hands!

One does get confused by Fox News which seeks to end the rule of Mr. Assad. FLASH! Fox News will interview Herr Adolf Hitler in order to learn about his program to providing free food and shelter to people of the Jewish faith. Once again, Fox News offers the truth.