Fox News Eaten By Obama

Durin the past presidential election anyone who watched Fox News came away with an accurate view as to who would win the election. As everyone now knows, it was won by a man named Mitt Romney. Of course, the liberal media refuses to accept the judgment of the American people and continues to insist some black dude named Barack Obama won this election. Sean Hannity, Dick Morris, Ann Coulter and other such good Christian commentators are now being crucified by the  liberal media which continues insisting Obama won.

Sean Hannity lost over fifty percent of his viewers. For some reason there are some strange folk in this land who desire accurate news instead of hopeful news. I guess as long as there are those seeking to find what actually is happening in the world, then honest, God fearing decent commentators will suffer the slings of defeat. I wonder if Mr. Hannity will pray to God to be a little kinder next time and allow Mitt to win.