Fox News Fearful Of Fox News

Fox News airs many people who regard it as funny to spread lies about the birth place of Barack Obama or to charge anyone who supports higher taxes on the wealthy is a Socialist or Communist or anti-Christ. Any smear,any lie against a liberal is waved off as simply a joke and who can oppose jokes? Alec Baldwin was hired to do a bit on TV for the Emmy Awards. He committed a mistake, Alec cracked a joke about Murdoch papers which hacked the phones of crime victims.

Fox News has standards. Fox News will NOT allow jokes made about those who hack into crime victim families, particularly since the name of those who do such things is MURDOCH. Oh, he owns Fox News. Certainly any insult of the wealthy should be waved away. As Alec Baldwin commented: “if I was emeshed in a scandal where I hacked phones of families of innocent crime victims purely for profit, I’d want that to go away.”