Fox News Forever!

This blog has all too frequently failed to acknowledge the gallant fight of Fox News to end the welfare system of this nation. Who else but Fox News commentators are as angry and furious at Food Stamp lazy bums who take from the Federal government and give nothing back. One is often left with the impression that welfare bums disregard the importance of the Federal government even while they enjoy the bounty of that entity. Given Fox News fury at welfare cheats and bums, I am confused at their support of America’s leading welfare bum–Cliven Bundy. Let me get this straight: he has his cows graze on government land, fattens up these cows and then sells them for money. In other words, we the American people provide Cliven Bundy with food and he takes our food without giving anything in return.

Oh, the GOVERNMENT wants to charge Cliven $1.3 per year to get free food. He spends about $16 per year, fattens his cows and then sells them for hundreds of dollars in profit. Talk about WELFARE CHEATS! Rep. Horsford wants the sheriff of Clark County to get rid of the other welfare cheats who with guns drawn dare to protect a fellow welfare cheat. I assume Fox News will support any campaign to rid the nation of those on the welfare dole.