Fox News–Liberals Push Global Channge!

Fox News fervently believes there is not change in the global environment for one reason–denying change obtains more viewers. After all, if thirty percent of Americans believe Barack Obama is a Muslim and a solid 10% are convinced he was conceived in a gorilla camp somewhere in Africa, is it surprising a good hunk of the American population just thinks this summer was a bit on the hot side. Of course, there are devastating floods in Asia, areas are reporting the highest temperatures in generations, but this type of talk is simply liberals trying to frighten God fearing decent Americans. NASA reports this is the hottest year since humans began reporting global warmth. Russia has the worst drought in memory and farmers have already lost 40% of their wheat crop. We are experiencing what global change scientists have been warning about for years. But, to Fox News and right wing pundits such talk is merely spawned by Hollywood liberals bent on making movies to frighten folk and get them purchasing expensive popcorn.

Why do people deny reality? Americans believed there were WMD in Iraq and many still are convinced of their presence, the only problem in their mind is will they be alive when WMD are finally found. A heavy snow in Chicago convinces Fox News and millions they now possess evidence that Global Warming is a hoax. A denier seeks the anecdote and extrapolates from one case into a general theory that believes liberals attempt to twist the minds of people in order to create government programs funded by our tax money.

The good news for deniers is they will not be around when bad things really occur. The bad news is their children will experience weird times.

  • journeyer58

    Of course Fox News is going to trumpet the causes of the Far Right Wing Nuts of the Republicrat Party. There is no doubt as to whom Fox News owes their allegiance and loyalty, those sheeple who are against every truly liberal cause.
    We have before us the first example of the Supreme Court decision giving corporations the rights of people, that being the ability to give to any cause or party or person, any amount of money they, the corporation sees fit to give.
    Without restraint on the corporations, the following elections will be no more than showcase events, where the electorate has no more knowledge of the issues than a slug.
    We the people, will be left with no voice in the election of a person to any office, be it from the local level to the presidency.
    Sadly, America is now a corporatocracy, bought
    and paid for by the very corporations that are causing the environmental disasters that have started and are continuing global warming.
    We cannot long abide the situation as it stands, the people must arise and quickly undo the damage of the corporations and the lack of governance that is rampant is Washington.
    Please wake up and smell the rotten meat, people, or there will be nothing more than a socialist state, tyrannical in nature that denies the people a voice left.