Special Report from Afghanistan. This reporter was on the Obama plane that flew to Afghanistan today. During the flight, we noticed strange Muslim looking men meeting with the president and they spoke in hushed terms. According to our source, the Muslims were representatives of the Taliban who were informing President Obama they would not attempt to assassinate him during his visit to Bagram airfield. I just received an email from Glenn Beck who displayed a series of lines leading from Pakistan to this plane which appears to verify our report that Obama’s flight to Bagram has nothing to do with American fighting men and women, but is a signal to the Taliban they are on the road to victory. Is there any coincidence that the president is flying to Afghanistan and on his plane are Muslim looking men?

The plane touched down and we noticed that President Obama demanded that General Petraeus extend his hand and come to attention and then salute a man who has never been in combat. It is the same tired old demeaning manner in which liberals treat those who serve their country. General Petraeus attempted to speak with the soldiers gathered in the hangar, but Obama shoved him aside and went into a rant against the American people for voting Republican. The president told those gathered that “your’e on the offense,” but never once did he say they would defeat the Talbian within a few months. It is the same old defeatist liberal trash talk when encountering our fighting men and women.

We have been unofficially informed the cost of this public relations expedition which took our wonderful soldiers away from killing the Taliban is estimated to cost the nation about $250,000,000 per day. I do not make any charges, but is there any connection between Muslim looking men on the Obama plane and forcing US soldiers to cease fighting and listen to his political rant? Just asking.