Fox News Reports From Dining Room

Fox News once again has demonstrated its concept of reporting the news is to decide what to say or show before learning anything about the topic of its reporting. Steve Harrigan, who is reporting for Fox News from Libya, blasted CNN correspondent Nic Robertson for going on a trip to inspect damage done by American missiles which hit the compound of Muammar Gaddafi. According to Harrigan, he does not wish to “be taken on a propaganda trip.” As Robertson pointed out, the trip enabled US correspondents to verify that no civilians were killed in the attack, and thus disprove statements from the Gaddafi government. THAT is what correspondents do– go to the scene of action.

Robertson commented about Harrigan: “I see him more at breakfast than I see him out on trips with government officials.” The question is does this behavior reflect on the Fox News approach to obtaining news–do it from the dining room?