Fox News Scoops Self

Fox News became the first TV network to hold its own nominating convention for a presidential candidate. It lined up the assortment of males and females who seek to become the Republican candidate(simply another word for the Fox News candidate) and posed several questions at this illustrative group of individuals whose presence merely demonstrated why “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” is simply a forecast as to what is due for humanity.

Michele Bachman and former Minnesota Governor Pawlenty went after one another in order to convince inhabitants of that state why they should be favored. It is a bit unclear why either is a viable candidate, but, what the heck, both are in favor of cold weather. Ron Paul, darling of conservatives, revealed he is pro-gay, anti-war, pro religion, and anti-abortion. Herman Cain wants a loyalty pledge to be taken by Muslims in America. I wonder if he realizes there are over a million black Muslims in this country.

As for the other candidates, they were well groomed, spoke in English, or what passes for English when one is on Fox News, and they all believe in the American flag, apple pie and are a 100% in favor of mom and dad.

Question: How come there was no representative from the Apes?