Fox Show That Was Not Broadcast!

A hurried meeting was called at Fox News and a group assembled in order to confront the story they simply had to present regardless of the consequences. Following were the cast of characters:
Glenn Beck
Sarah Palin
Michele Bachmann
Anyone of the blond haired cute girls who rambles on and on about something or other.
Roger Ailes

GB: My friends, the nation is facing a crisis. That idiot George Bush never got Osama bin Laden and now the boy from the bushes of Africa is standing before the nation as a leader. How do we handle it?
SP: Are we sure that this guy, sorry, I always get a little confused, is it Obama or Osama who is dead?
MB: Honey, the problem is they look alike. I guess it is the black guy who doesn’t have a beard.
Blond Girl: Could we maybe talk about a tornado in this place, what’s the name? I don’t have the teleprompter so how can I remember, anything?’
RA: Sweetheart, I will make certain that next time someone reads the story for you. Look, we have to go on the attack. Do we plug the “where is the body” angle?
GB: That is being beat to death by a hundred conspiracy people. I opt for, “it was the Navy SEALS who did the job despite opposition from the president.” I have developed a nice map with many lines.
SP: How about, “the men who led the raid were members of the Tea Party?”
MB: First, it would help if someone would actually point out for me the location of this, Partystan place.
RA: Pakistan. Look Michele, why don’t you put together a show on how the Republican party takeover of the House of Representatives forced Obama to take action?
Blond Girl: Did it really? Wow, that is wonderful. I didn’t know Paul Ryan was that important!
GB: I don’t see why the Republican party should get credit for the victory. It was due to Fox News which forced Obama to order a raid. How about me going on with a large American flag behind me and reveal the source of the raid–FOX NEWS!
SP: Glenn, if anyone is responsible for moving Obama it is me. I should stand before the flag, talk about the sanctity of life, and point a rifle at the screen in order to show the power of a rifle in ending bad people in the world.
RA: Folks, we are onto something. The power of the rifle, Sarah Palin and the NRA who stand for rifles, and the use of weapons by God Fearing American young men. We can focus on this issue and leave out Obama. We have a winner.
Blond Girl: I wish someone would write this whole thing out. I’m like Michele, where is this Partyland place?