France Accepts Holocaust Resposibility

Many nations in Europe continue to twist and dodge concerning their behavior during World War Ii when six million Jews were sent to their deaths by the Germans. It is often ignored that Hungary, Rumania, and Bulgaria were allies of Nazi Germany and participated in the war as active participants. The French people have always found themselves divided since it was clear there were many collaborators with the Nazis and the Vichy regime worked closely with Germans in rounding up and deporting Jews to death camps. France’s highest judicial body finally recognized the French government’s responsibility for the deportation of Jews and made clear the Vichy government was fully “responsible” for these actions. The decision also stated that those who were deported had been compensated and therefore the claimants request for compensation was denied.

The judicial council called for a “solemn recognition of the state’s responsibility and of collective prejudice suffered” by those who were deported.