France Ain’t Texas!

Two thiefs entered the jeweller shop of Stephan Turk and proceeded to hold up the man. They grabbed some jewels and fled the scene of the crime. However, before they had gotten too far, Mr. Turk reached for a gun and shot one of the robbers. Naturally, if this had occurred in the city of Houston, Texas, Mr. Turk would now be hailed as a man who stood his ground and blasted away at a man who deserved to be killed. In Texas, as in NRA Land, a man has the right to defend himself and his property, and that includes killing anyone who touches anything that belongs to him. This case has divided France since, apparently, there are folk who actually believe that I do not have the right to kill someone who took my property. Since this happened in the cowardly nation of France, a prosecutor is recommending that Turk be charged with murder since his life was not at risk.

We Americans are real men and women. We understand that Jesus came to this planet to protect the property of those with property. Jesus wants us to blast away and never turn the other cheek. Fortunately, there are still he-men in France like Jean-Marie Le Pen who believe the world needs men like good old Adolf. “I would have done the same thing” said Le Pen, and so would Adolf!