France And Germany Fight For EU Revision

France currently holds the presidency of the European Union so Sarkozy is using this leverage in order to push forward alternative strategies in order to secure Irish agreement on revision of the EU. His efforts were torpedoed by President Kaczyinski of Poland who refused to sign onto his parliament’s agreement to EU arguing that Ireland’s “no” vote meant “for the time being the question of the treaty is pointless.” However, Sarkozy and German Chancellor Merkel are exerting pressure on both Poland and the Czech Republic to adhere to their decisions of agreeing to revisions. French President Sarkozy made it plain that failure to support revisions would doom the chances of any new nation to enter the European Union.

The European Union is at an historic moment in its history. It can move forward and truly become a Federal Union of nations which has a centralized leadership in order to become a force for peace in the world or it can turn backward towards divisiveness and impotence as a world leader.