France Defends Personal Liberty

The French government struck a blow to defend their nation against potential terrorists by declaring illegal the wearing of a burqa in public. The Conseil Constitutionne agreed with Parliament’s decision to pass a law making it a criminal offense for a woman to appear in public wearing the burqa. It is about time the people of France were defended against the 1,900 Muslim women who wander the streets of Paris and other cities wearing the burqa. According to the Conseil, the law strikes a balance between “personal liberty” and the right of women to have a law on the books which denies women the right to wear a burqa. In fairness to the guardians of French liberty, it should be noted Muslim women can wear the burqa in a house of worship such as a mosque. However, it is still not clear if they can wear it in a synagogue or church. The law provides payment of a fine of about $250 for women who dare to flout their non-faces in public and, if convicted, they may be compelled to attend a “citizenship class” which educates people in basic principles of freedom in France. You know, the freedom NOT to wear what you desire to wear.

A clause in the law exempts motorcycle riders from the fear of covering faces. Let me get this straight, all a terrorist has to do is get a motorcycle and he can cover his or her face. Hmm….