France Got Some Problems!

These may not be the worst of times, but they sure aren’t the best of times for the people of France. Thousands are demonstrating against proposed legislation which would compel people to work another few years past 60 in order to retire with full benefits. The European Union as well as millions of French people are furious at mistreatment of Roma inhabitants of the country. A new law makes illegal the wearing of the burqa by Muslim women in the name of law and order. Naturally, the 1,900 Muslim women who wear a burqa in France constitute a major source of terrorism. But, to top off problems in the nation, some damn British food critics are complaining about the quality of French food. The French people are convinced there are more varieties of cheese in their nation than stars in the sky. Of course, when it comes to wine, who else but the French can say that any wine from outside the country, lacks a “je ne sais quoi?”

France is under assault by fast food chains which offer such quality food as a Big Mac or pizza made in a variety of flavors. There are rumors at the upcoming London Restaurant Festival that French restaurants will not fare well. Oh well, the only solution is to storm the Bastille!