France Seeks Glory

There are some wars raging through European societies led by men and women who believe their civilization is under attack by an invasion of people from the Middle East and Africa. They regard the war now upon decent European Christians is equivalent to wars that date back hundreds of years when Muslim armies threatened the existence of Christian civilizations. Nowhere is this feeling stronger than in France where the Front National led by Marine Le Pen(who followed dad into power) rants and raves against “those people.” Years ago when dad, Jean Le Pen warned about “those people”he meant the Jews of France. Of course, Jean insisted there had never been a Holocaust and such talk was simply a way that Jews earned “sympathy” so they could continue their quest for power in France.

Marine Le Pen is a modern woman who realizes it was time to end the “Jew talk” and switch to “Muslim talk.” One of her disciples is Floran Phillippot who comes across as a nice decent man who simply wants to protect the people of France against those Muslims and blacks who live in slums and get welfare money. A woman told a French reporter, “this is the first time I’m going to vote extreme right.” According to Floran, “it’s not extreme right. Let’s just say it is a coherent choice.”

Most probably these people of hate will win about 20% of the vote for the European parliament.

I wonder if Ted Cruz knows about these people.