France Stands Tall For Human Rights–US??

A few weeks ago the United States witnessed a hundred thousand people gather in Washington D.C. in order to cheer Glenn Beck and his anti-immigrant tirades. During the past weekend in Paris, Marseilles, Toulouse, Lyon and Lille, thousands of French people marched for human rights and demanded an end to oppression of immigrants who lack the means to fight back. Demonstrators expressed anger toward President Nicholas Sarkozy for his blatant racism and political manipulation by stirring up hate against defenseless Roma immigrants. An estimated 100,000 decent French people heard the head of NPA openly state his party’s determination to fight for equal rights. Oliver Besancourt, head of NPA said: We are here to show our refusal to the French people and the international community and to tell them that there is an indignation and revolt against the racist and xenophobic actions. The facts of stripping nationality from immigrants and dismantling Roma camps are unacceptable.”

I trust President Barack Obama reads that statement. We Americans have come a long way from once being a beacon in the world for oppressed people who were extended welcome when they arrived on our shores. I guess we Americans need to listen to Europe and learn something about being a democracy.

  • Tabetha Tweden

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