France Today Must Be Modern

French society seeks to create a world in which social needs of each person are valued as much as are the profits earned by those with money and power. In a perfect world, a president of France could endeavor creating a society in which needs of poor people are respected, but, alas, this is 2012 and what might be  right may wind up being economically wrong. President Francois Hollande ran for president promising to increase wages, provide more jobs and somehow balance the budget –or at least come close to achieving that goal. After a bumbling, stumbling economic start to his administration, Hollande has decided to begin again– in  more realistic manner. His goal: I wish to be a president who is worthy of the very serious situation in which our country finds itself.”

In the modern world, nations compete with other nations in  producing products of  services that are of high quality and the lowest possible cost. Hollande pointed out to the public, ‘our national debt is more than 90 percent of our national wealth, unemployment is rising, our competitiveness is constantly falling.” A new government does not mean a new world.

Hollande will have to placate businessmen, he will have to reduce efforts at economic equality, he will have to reduce some services. Welcome to the world of 2012, in this world, business is all too often calling the shots for all people in society.