France: We Have To Deny Freedom In Order To Save It!

The French government is pursuing its war against the burqa and veil. A cross party committee will soon be proposing laws to curb the right of Muslim women to wear either of these garments. According to proposed legislation, it will be illegal for anyone to cover her face if she wishes to enter a public facility like a hospital or school or bus. Anyone refusing to uncover the face will be fined and denied the right to enter. In other words, if a Muslim woman enters the emergency room of a hospital, she can be denied service. A Muslim woman who wears either of these garments can be denied the right to ride on a bus or go to school. As President Sarkozy puts it, neither the burqa or niqab is “welcome” in France.

Let me get this straight. France, in the name of sexual equality is denying women the right to wear a niqab or burqa! Huh! One French MP put it honestly when he told Le Figaro, “we have to make life impossible for them in order to curb the phenomenon.

Actually, most surveys indicate fewer than a thousand women of the five million Muslims in France wear either of these face coverings. As one American officer put it during the Vietnam war when he was burning a village, “we have to destroy the village in order to save it.”