Franco Has Two Arms And Two Feet

James Franco, the actor who won acclaim for portraying a men trapped and being forced to chop off one arm in order to free himself, has become the subject of a new chopping off episode. Professor Jose Santana charges he was fired from Columbia University for giving Mr. Franco a “D” grade due to lack of attendance. James only showed up twice during the fourteen class sessions. Santana claims professors lean over backwards in order to give the movie star a good grade.

So, is this news? For years college professors have been giving good grades to athletes and cheer leaders. I suspect if a student has a mom or dad who contributes a few million it is doubtful if that individual will fail a course. Of course, in modern day college teaching, adjunct professors fill the ranks. They understand if a student fails, they have failed the test for retention. A student who leaves is money which leaves. Guess who is going to leave if a student fails?