Fraud In Afghanistan- Gee Whiz-What A Surprise!

An investigation of alleged fraud in the recent Afghanistan election for president left no one surprised since it was obvious to all, but the blind, deaf and stupid that President Hamid Karzai stole the election. The UN backed Electoral Complaints Commission said Karzai’s total was not 54.6% but closer to 47%. Afghanistan’s ambassador to the United States, Said Tayeb Jawad, said a run off election was “likely,” and hinted it might come as soon as a month from now. Somehow, there is something wrong with the idea of having a run-off when it is apparent Karzai has control over election counts, which polling stations will be open and can use the media and his allies in crime to ensure a “victory.”

Now, is the time for the United States to DEMAND the resignation of Karzai and appointment of a new coalition government run by businessmen and technocrats who are determined to ensure that money goes to aid the lives of ordinary people, not to enrich the thugs and cronies of Karzai.