Free Blond Ukranian

My father is of Ukranian heritage so events in that far off land always attract my attention. Former Prime Minister Ylia TYmoshenko was sent to jail on the most incredible charge of passing a law that subsequent leader, Viktor Yankukovich decided was an illegal law. So, he locked up the former leader and made her a matyr. However, the Ukranian government wants to enter the European Union and it will not grant entry until he grants departure rights to Tymoshenko. To make things even more complicated, dear old Vladimir Putin is threatening to cut off gas supplies to the Ukraine if it joins the European Union. To make things even more bothersome in the EU, the Yankukovich government must accept the quaint concept of “rule by law.” This concept never quite made its mark on the people of Russia nor the people of the Ukraine.

There are times when this blogger has absolutely no comprehension as to why petty tyrants go off on wild tangents in order to satisfy their pride or their anger or their sense of power. Just let blondy go and end this silly dispute. Another example of much ado about nothing.