Free Education For The Masses?

I was born in the Depression which was the worst economic disaster of the twentieth century and much more devastating than any current economic situation. In the midst of this terrible calamity, the city of New York, had four FREE colleges and most American cities offered by FREE day and night college programs. In the aftermath of World War II, the American government provided all veterans the famous G.I. Bill of Rights which allowed any veteran access to FREE college including, FREE BOOKS as well as a living allowance. Flash forward to 2010 and in the United States and the United Kingdom, tuition rates are rising and there are no longer any FREE COLLEGES! Perhaps, some great economic expert can explain why in a much worse economic disaster there were FREE COLLEGES while today they are gone! England is raising tuition rates for many students from about $6,000 to up to $14,000. Those whose families have more money will pay higher tuition.

There are numerous studies which explain how for every dollar spent on furthering the education of an individual, society receives back tenfold in terms of taxes as well as the overall rise in standards of living. It is time to end tax cuts for the wealthy, it is time for those earning millions to return a large percent of their income back to the society which has enabled them to become wealthy. We need FREE COLLEGES again!