Free Elections In Free Afghanistan

A strange rumor is circulating in the United States regarding the holding of elections in Afghanistan. An unusual belief is held by certain unnamed US officials that an election supposedly allows individuals to submit their name to the populace and whoever receives the most votes wins the election. As anyone who has lived in the city of Chicago, home to the current president of the United States, understands, it is not how many people vote for candidate X over candidate Y that determines winners or losers. The real power in a democratic election resides in the hands of those who count ballots, not those who cast ballots. Last month Afghanistan held an election for parliament. Complaints are pouring in that at least 25% of votes must be rejected due to fraud. Frankly, a 25% figure does not upset me, heck, in certain years back in Chicago, the number of people in graveyards who cast ballots exceeded those alive people who voted. President Karzi is the damn president. From where I hail, the president should have the power to decide the outcome of an election. If not, why the hell is he president of a democratic nation?

We Americans pushed our way into the country of Afghanistan. President Bush kept on talking about democracy and stuff like that, from someone who comes from Texas which historically has made it difficult for Hispanic folk to vote, he should understand that when is Asia do as Asians do.