Free Love=Good Grades?

Every so often in life I become angry at myself for not thinking about an idea that makes sense, but for some reason never entered my mind. Heck, I visited the second Walmart, thought it was a good idea, and never followed up on it. Now, two German college students–Christopher and Oskar– have made me rethink life and sex.  They have organized a new business–Bibi:Love. These two enterprising young men offer free sex to female college students who need to unwind from the stress of passing tests. Good Grades Through Good Sex is what they promise to any fair maiden who is just too stressed out to do well on her exams.

Christopher and Oskar have receive dozens of responses to their offer of a good one night stand, no complications and a guaranteed boost in grades.  The men have been enjoying themselves and, hopefuly, so are the females who have spent a few hours with them.

My question to these two Business Majors at the University of Mannheim is: “how do you market this to make money and can I  purchase shares in your company?”