Shoe stores throughout the world are hanging shoes in their windows as a show of support for the hero of all shoes, Muntazar al-Zaidi. Thousands of men in Iraq have taken off their shoes and are shoeless at work in order to make known their praise for the pride of Iraq, the man who launched two shoes whose thud against the wall instead of into an empty piece of human bone has become the sound of hope to a people who have suffered due to the mad invasion of their land by war criminal, George Bush. Actually, no one wants the president to experience any physical harm, the emotional damage to whatever is left of his sense of human decency is sufficient punishment.

Dargham al-Zaidi, brother of the Iraq right armed pitcher, claims Muntazar was beaten up when dragged away by Iraq police and is in such bad physical condition the government fears his appearance will create a storm of protest. The speaker of the parliament supposedly has resigned over the issue and the Maliki government faces a dilemma. If they produce a physically injured man it might spark enormous demonstrations that could over throw Maliki, if they do nothing, it only sparks more stories about brutality.

Ironically, two Bush ducks have damaged the situation in Iraq as much as he famous ducking of the issue regarding WMD that never existed.