Free Speech, A Stranger In Iran

Ahmed Ghabel is a brave man. He has been fighting for the rights of Iranians to live in a society which was based on those principles which thirty years ago led to the ouster of the Shah. Ghabel was arrested on vague charges of opposing the government and insulting Ayatollah Khamenei, who brooks no denial of his right to decide what is religiously right or wrong. Ghabel is a member of the outlawed Iran Participation Front whose goal is restoring democracy to their nation and he has worked with leading reform clerics to weaken the power of Khamenei and the thugs who work with him to stifle freedom of religion. Actually, he was on his way to the funeral last December of Grand Ayatollah Hossein Al Montazeri when police arrested him for daring to pay respects to a noted reform cleric.

The vise of religious conformity tightens in Iran which makes it increasingly difficult for those who are devout Muslims to practice their faith. Ghabel is back in jail, his computer has been taken away and he is not allowed to discuss anything on his website.