Free Speech For Hate?

The state of Massachusetts, in response to requests from those who own abortion clinics and women who desire to enter them, passed a law which establishes a 35 foot zone of quiet. The Supreme Court is discussing the case in terms of whether such a zone interferes with the right of free speech. Eleanor McCullen, who initiated the case, claims her goal was simply to have a quiet conversation with women and give them some good advice concerning whether to have or not have a baby. Really. Groups of verbal haters surround entrances to clinics shouting hate and violence toward women seeking to enter. Justice Scalia, who would be furious if labor leaders claimed the right to speak with workers entering a plant, is now concerned about free speech. When did he ever defend free speech when it dealt with labor unions and their right to organize workers?

I assume Justice Scalia and his friends on the court will now support the right of union organizers to surround the entrance to stores and shout insults toward those entering an establishment whose workers are on strike. After all, union leaders simply want to give advice and counsel to those who enter establishments where workers desire decent pay!