Free Speech Means-Free Speech!

Dutch politician Geert Wilders does not like Muslims, he does not like the Koran, he does not like Muslim women wearing the niqab, he does not like Muslims having a voice in his nation’s future, in other words, Mr. Wilders does not like Muslims. He regards the Muslim religion as backward and encourages young men to become terrorists. I do not like the ideas of Geert Wilders, but I resent even more the idea he should be silenced. His current trial has turned into a fiasco. After being brought up on charges of inciting racial and religious hate, the trial had to be suspended when it turned out a potential witness had dinner with a judge who attempted to convince the professor that Wilders was a danger. Judge Schalken had a meal with Arabist Hans Jansen and during this session, Jansen claims, “he tried to convince me of the correctness of the decision to take Wilders to trial.” It is the wrong decision at the wrong time in the wrong place against the wrong man.

Geert Wilders should not be silenced by courts, he must be silenced in the court of public opinion by convincing people his ideas are dangerous. But, the price of freedom is allowing dangerous ideas to be spread. Heck, here in America we have nut cases like the Tea Party spreading hate, anger and ignorance. We will have to defeat them with words and logic, not with a court of law.