Free Speech?

Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter is upset at the United States armed forces because Colonel Christopher Dawling instituted action against a sergeant under his command who posted statements on Facebook that he would not  obey orders from the  Commander-in-Chief, President Barack Obama. Hunter argues that Sgt. Gary Stein has free speech rights and can not be punished for speaking his mind.

When one enters the US armed forces,  one is now subject to military regulations and  these do not allow  stating a refusal to obey orders. The essence of  the American military is that not once in our history have they attempted to disobey the Commander-in-Chief and overthrow the government. In 1951, General Douglas MacArthur publicly stated his ideas regarding handling the Korean War and was dismissed by the president.

Sgt. Stein has a right to speak privately about not  obeying orders, but, just like  General MacArthur he can not publicly make such statements.