Freedom For College Athletes

Imagine a business organization which requires workers to put in a twelve hour day and in exchange it provides some food and drink. Imagine a business organization which subjects its workers to physically challenging work, and does not care what happens to them once they leave their jobs. Imagine a business organization which makes billions of dollars in profit and does not share a single cent with the workers who produced the wealth. OK, that is the business organization which we call, “College Athletics.” Athletes risk their physical bodies and, in exchange they receive what goes for an education, that is, if you term learning about sports in college courses preparation for the world of business. Heck, according to the rules of college athletics, a college athlete cannot sell his or her picture in action since their physical image belongs to the college.

It is time to recognize that college athletics is a BUSINESS. It is time to accept that colleges make millions out of the sweat and work of athletes and the college keeps every single cent! There is no such thing as “amateur athletics.” Colleges do not allow people into the stadium unless they pay, they do not share a single dollar from TV payments with the players who are responsible for the money. We propose:

1. College athletics should be recognized for what it is: a farm system for major league sports.

2. College athletes should be paid.

3. If all college athletes are paid we can accept the reality there is no such thing as a free lunch.

4. Transform the Olympics into what it really is, a gathering of professional athletes who get paid one way or another.