Freedom In Russia For All?

There is a land far, far away in which its people live in peace and tranquility. Its prime minister is a man whose name is Dimitry Medvedev and in prior years he was the president, but due to the generosity of his heart, the Dimitry man exchanged places with a Vladimir man. Each year in this wondrous land, the generous leaders offer amnesty to some people, usually businessmen who can pay the rate or old buddies of the Putin man. However, the prime minister wants the world to know that his regime does not look lightly on criminals or perverts or those fags and lesbians seeking to transform decent children into monsters. Dimitry made clear he is not inclined to “grant amnesty to those who committed violent crimes against society, including hooliganism.”

Dimitry wants to make clear that his Great Leader, Vladimir Putin does not consider “political crimes” to be worthy of an amnesty. Ah, once upon a time Dimitry Medvedev actually did have a backbone.