Freedom Of Hate?

We currently inhabit a world in which technology enables each and every nut case in the world to offer his hate, free of charge, to those who seek these ideas or those who wander into hate without awareness of how they became entangled with such behavior. Cindy Lee Garcia, an aspiring actress was approached to appear in a film whose name she thought was: Desert Warrior. Little did she realize that her appearance was part of an Islamophobe piece of crap which intended to sell the line that Muslims hate women and the Prophet Mohammed was nothing more than such a person along with preaching hatred. Her appearance in this trailer cast her as a supporter of such crazy ideas and she did not want any part of it. Ms. Garcia demanded that Google not show the Islamic hating film. At this moment, in place of the “film” is a statement from Google: “this video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by an actress over her five second appearance in the video.”

Her appearance might have been only for five seconds, but displaying this film along with her names placed her life at risk. A US Court of Appeals demanded that Google halt showing the “film.”Google now argues the First Amendment. Freedom of Speech does not allow harm to come to people, and in this case a woman’s life was placed at risk by the film. Therefore, it is NOT an example of freedom of speech.