Freedom Of Press In Turkey?

Whenever the question of freedom of the press is raised in Turkey, the invariable response of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is to charge foreign journalists are engaged in a campaign to discredit his nation’s commitment to freedom of the press. He accused members of the foreign press of with “inaccurate coverage of press freedom in his nation.” Even as he spoke, a group of 92 journalists issued a manifesto that charged Erdogan with arresting 68 of their colleagues, including 10 female correspondents. Erdogan continues to insist journalists are part of the Ergenekon conspiracy which he claims tried to over throw the government. It certainly stretches the imagination to wonder why dozens of journalists would get involved in a plot to gain control of the government.

There is something rotten in the state of Turkey when questions are posed about freedom of the press. Methinks there is something wrong about all these correspondents banding together in some vast conspiracy. I would imagine at least one would report the story and win a prize for outstanding journalism.