Freedom Of Press Means Lies Can Be Printed

It is regrettable that members of the United States Congress do not yet understand the meaning of freedom of the press. The Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet, printed a ridiculous story that lacked any solid evidence and was obviously a lie in order to discredit the Israel armed forces. Two American congressmen, Robert Wexler and Elton Gallegy, urged Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Renfeldt to disown the story. He gently responded to the congressmen who undoubtedly were trying to pose as “friends of Israel, ” that in his nation, “the political authorities may not pass judgment on freedom of the press and freedom of expression” since these freedoms were a “linchpin of our country.”

Reinfeldt pointed out that his government opposes anti-semitism, but it is one thing to have such views and another to attempt imposing them on members of the media. Perhaps, Americans after eight years of Bush and his manipulation of the press still don’t grasp that presidents and prime ministers must not intrude on the rights of the media to be wrong.