Freedom Of Press Test, Turkey Fails!

Gonul Tol is a female writer who works for the pro-government daily Aksam in Turkey and she is a proud conservative who respects her government and believes it represents the values of freedom of the press. However, she was upset to read a report from Freedom House which charged that her nation had been demoted to the league of Not Freedom of the press category. She also became upset when Turkish government officials responded to the Freedom House report by arguing there were Jews who worked at Freedom House and thus they were anti-Turkish because Turkey had conflicts with Israel. Ms.Tol decided on proving Freedom House wrong by writing an article which protested this government response as foolish since referring to the religion of people who write articles had no place in the field of journalism.

She decided on a Freedom of the Press test. She wrote an article which denounced citing Jewish backgrounds of those in Freedom House. “If this article is published as it is, without being caught by an editor, press freedom in Turkey could be freer than what the Freedom House report said.” The editor cancelled her story and argued that she never checked with him about what she could write.

I assume the Turkish government now receives an “F” grade on the Freedom of Press test offered by Ms. Tol.