Freedom Of Press Under Attack In Israel!

Terrorism is the modern version of wrapping oneself in a flag and shouting that anyone who opposes your ideas is against the nation. An Israeli journalist, Anat Kam, goes on trial in the coming weeks on charges of while in the military service she copied secret documents and gave them to the newspaper, Haaretz. Her material led to a series entitled, “License to Kill” which described how the Israel Defense Force(IDF) had been carrying out assassinations of Palestinian militants in the West Bank even though a high court had ruled before use of force every effort should be made to first arrest suspected militants rather than killing them. One story described how senior Israel generals discussed a mission to assassinate Ziad Subahi Mahmad Malaisha, a senior leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Malaisha was killed in June.

The issue, as always, deals with “national security.” This is the same excuse used by President Obama to justify keeping in place Bush rules about not allowing the world to know when the American government violates the law. It is quite clear the Israel army does not wish its dirty laundry to be washed in public.

Dov Alfon, editor of Haaretz, stated what any believer in democracy thinks: “Israel is still a democracy and therefore we intend to continue to publish whatever public interest demands and our reporters can reveal.”