Freedom Of Religion?

The conflict over religion raged for hundreds of years in Europe until nations of the area agreed it was time for peace. France was the scene of furious battles over how people should pray to God and decided to separate church from state. Today, many Muslims believe this divide is aimed at them. The French government once again made clear as to the meaning of religious freedom in its schools with a new version of the “Charter for Secularity In School.” The fifteen points are NOT aimed at Muslims anymore than directed to all religions regardng the place of religion in the nation’s educational establishments. School staff is not allowed to discuss their religion nor to propogate the religion of any faith. An “Ecole Laique” means just that. It is a secular institution, not a center to get into religion.

No one faces discrimination in a French school. Children to not pledge allegiance to God, but to their nation. If one desires a religious education then go to a religious based school. Thank God that France does not thank God!