Freedom Of Speech In Egypt Ending

As you recall,once upon a time there was something termed the “Arab Spring” whose goals were to create modern democratic societies in the Middle East. Yes,Hosni Mubarak was driven from power after his thirty year term of office,and then Mr. Morsi, of the Muslim Brotherhood was forced to abandon his attempt at seeking to create a new dictatorship. Enter General Sisi who won an “election.” Since he took over from Morsi, the rights of those who fought to end dictatorship have ended. Oh, I forgot, dictator Sisi holds, “trials.” The latest example was a “trial” that placed reporters for Al-Jazeera in a courtroom where something that has to do with the law took place. It was a farce from day one.

This “court” and these “judges” found Al-Jazeera staff guilty of “aiding terrorists” and endangering national security. Former BBC correspondent Peter Greste got a seven year term in prison, ex CNN journalist Mohamed Fahmy received a similar sentence as did a local producer, Bahar Mohamed. Four students also will become prisoners for the crime of exercising free speech. US Secretary of State John Kerry was in Cairo to give Egypt money for its military. He condemned the verdicts but gave the dough.

Sisi won this round, but there will, eventually, be an Arab Spring that gains victory over dictators.