Freedom Of Speech Means?

Stephen Birrell from Glasgow, Scotland does not like the Irish and hates those who support any Celtic teams. He made the following comment on Facebook in referring to an Irish team:  “hope they all die. Simple. Catholic scumbags, ha ha. Proud to hate Fenian tattle farmers.” The Glasgow Sheriff Court investigated his comments and he wound up in jail. He was also banned from attending football matches.

I am an American who was raised  that speech to be judged criminal had to pass the “yelling the word, ‘fire’ in a crowded theater.” In other words, do your words cause physical harm to anyone. I assume those who attend English football matches yell nonstop insults at one another and they all leave the stadium in one piece-at least, we hope they do. This sentence violates the basic principles of free speech. One is allowed to hate the Irish, Scots, Jews, Italians and whom ever you do not like.

Up with free speech!