Freedom Of Speech Threatened!

Republicans and conservatives throughout America have finally found the smoking gun which proves, once and for all, that Barack Obama seeks to end our Constitutional rights. No, this is not part of his war on the 2nd Amendment, we already know the black dude from Africa hates the American people and he seeks to destroy freedom of speech in this nation. Staff Sgt. Adam C.Thurgood served for ten years in the US Army and was a wonderful soldier, he then returned to the US and joined the Kentucky National Guard. This brave American decided he wanted to return to the Army and become part of a special outfit called, The Nightstalkers. So, what happened?
The United States Army issued new regulations governing tattoos. It is now illegal to have a tattoo below the elbow. But, Thurgood has such tattoos and is being told his application to jon will be denied.

Lawyer Robin May who is fighting to protect the rights of real Americans is furious. The ban on tattoos is unconstitutional and a denial of our free speech rights. Thurgood seeks $100,000,000 in damages to his Constitutional rights to say whatever he desires to say. First, they came for our tattoos, next they will come for our guns!