Freedom Of The Press??

Each day it becomes clear that Barack Obama has never grasped what Americans wanted in a new president in 2008. Many were disgusted by the growing abuse of rights in this nation, many were tired of a government that eroded human rights and operated in secrecy using the ongoing excuse of-national security. During the past five years it is difficult to believe that George Bush and the dynamic duo of Rumsfeld and Cheney are gone from government. The Justice Department seizure of Associated Press phone records is inexcusable and the tired refrain of –national security- just does not work.

Gary Pruitt, head of AP made clear the issues at stake. “We don’t question their right to conduct these sort of investigations. We just think they went out of their way. So sweeping, so secretly, so abusively and harassingly and over-handed that it constitutes, that it is, an unconstitutional act.” Sources are now reluctant to speak with AP reporters because they fear being monitored by the government.

Sorry,Mr. President, the Justice Department is under your control. If they commmitted unconstitutional acts, fire the head of the Justice Department!