Freedom To Be An Idiot?

We hold these truths to be self evident, all humans have the inalienable right to make a fool of themselves by spouting nonsense under the guise of offering information. Geert Wilders has made a reputation by offering cliches and fear concerning the presence of Muslims in European societies. For some reason, his presence in a nation arouses fear and anger resulting in cries of banning his arrival. The latest episode occurred in the Czech Republic where he was denied entry as well as being prevented from giving his speech about the evils of the Muslim religion. Ironically, a spokesperson for a Muslim organization said he could give any speech desired and his group would stand by quietly.

Geert Wilders depends on expressions of anger since that allows him to being portrayed as a symbol of the lone voice speaking out against a supposed evil. Every time he is censored, his popularity in the Netherlands goes up. Allow him to speak ignorance, and he eventually will disappear into the darkness of hate.