Freedom To Be Sad?

There are people in this world who are rather sad and do not enjoy the company of gay people. There are some people in this world who believe being gay or lesbian is a sickness and would like to assist those hit by this affliction to receive medical assistance. Frankly, I think their ideas are nonsense but in a democratic society the right to be ridiculous is a cherished right. Core Issues, a Christian charity in England, advocates the use of therapy in order to help people “move out of homosexuality.” They paid for advertisements to appear in buses in London, but were informed by Mayor Boris Johnson that no one has the right to tell another he or she is sick and in need of treatment.

Mayor Boris Johnson banned these ads and his decision was upheld by the High Court. A  more intelligent and democratic approach would be to offer ads which provide a rebuttal to Core Issues. Allow individuals to make decisions, not governments.