Freedom’s Just Another Name For Nothing Left To Lose

An old Kris Kristofferson song has the expression that freedom is simply just another name for nothing left to lose in life. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has officially ended use of Operation Iraqi Freedom and replaced it with Operation New Dawn. Undoubtedly, this change in name will be a powerful weapon in the fight to destroy al-Qaeda. After all, those militants have been fighting to defeat Operation Iraqi Freedom, but since we no longer use that expression al-Qaeda will have to find a new strategy to American and Iraqi soldiers. I guess al-Qaeda could argue they have defeated “freedom” and now only have to worry about a ‘New Dawn” rising in the sky.

I have a strong belief that by changing names the enemy is caught off guard and soon becomes demoralized and defeated. Gates say we now are committed to “honor the security agreement” with Iraq.

P.S. Does this mean I can no longer use the word, freedom, when discussing Iraq? Then again, I have not really used that expression in any discussion of Iraq.