French Actor Gone Nutty

Gerard Depardieu  used to be a famous French actor noted for roles in which he played a man seeking human justice. Alas, the years passed and his weight increased and increased until he had become a hulking angry man unable to attack the attention of directors since there are few roles for a  leading man who is rather heavy. Mr. Depardieu was  not getting good roles, he was not making good money and he was becoming angry at paying taxes on the money he did possess. Gerard examined Europe and decided to head for Russia which offered low taxes. President Vladimir Putin learned about the cruelty being imposed on this man of the screen and offered Gerard Russian citizenship.

Gerard was at a dinner  with Putin and made clear that he adored living in a land in which the rich did  not pay high taxes. He told the audience,  “For  me, he(Putin) is like (former French president Mitterand) or Pope John Paul IIs. The Russian  nation needs a person just  like this with a Russian temper. Putin is just trying to return bit  of dignity  to the people.”

Gerard, this man is responsible for the death  of democracy in  Russia. Dozens  of men and women have been murdered because they opposed Pope Putin. Isn’t it time Gerard lost a few hundred pounds from his body and along the way a few pounds from his brain??