French Conservatives Dislike Madonna!

An interesting personality trait is emerging from those who regard themselves as “conservatives.” French right wing members of the National Front are furious at Madonna because during a recent concert performance, she showed a picture of their leader, Marie Le Pen, with a swastika hovering over her head. There was also a picture of Adolf Hitler. A spokesman for her party threatened to sue Maddona because, “we cannot accept such an odious comparison.” Of course, in America Mitt Romney demands an apology from President Obama because Democrats are saying nasty things about him.

The National Front for years has insulted Muslims, described them as terrorists and murderers and urged they be expelled from France. National Front founder, Jean Marie- Le Pen, argued there was no Holocaust, some Jews ran away to Argentine or something like that. Right wing bigots defend their right to insult and demean those who they hate. But, say something about their leadership and demands for curbing speech emerge.

The National Front is composed of those who have hate in their hearts toward Muslims. Sue me.