French Court Sentences Anti-Semites To Prison

Even as anti-Arab thugs in Israel are urged by Rabbis to assault Muslim college students, a French appeals court upheld the conviction of seventeen Muslims who had kidnapped, tortured and killed a Jewish young man. Six people who took part in the murder received sentences ranging from 12 to fifteen years and the young girl who lured Ilan Halimi was given a nine year sentence. Ringleader of the atrocity, Youssof Fofana was given a sentence for life in jail. These creatures of the night were proud of kidnapping a young man, engaging in days of torture and then killing him. After reading about efforts of Israel Rabbis to encourage violence against Arabs in their country one is left to wonder why Israel lags behind the world in dealing with violence against those of differing religions or ethnic backgrounds.

Israel was born as part of a dream. It was to become a democratic society in which prejudice and bigotry had no home. Instead, Israel practices the same hate and violence toward minorities as Jews endured for thousands of years in Christian societies. How do the people of Israel justify such behavior?