French Culture Minister Rented Boys For Sex

New French Minister of Culture, Frederic Mitterand has been a vocal supporter of Roman Polsanski who is sought by US authorities in regard to his alleged rape of a 13 year old girl some thirty years ago. In now appears that Mitterand in his autobiography, (The Bad Life) described his delight in visiting Asian brothels and having sex with boys. Mr. Mitterand, who is openly gay, has been seen as a representative of more open ideas about sexual gender, but his support of Polanski’s rape and his own admission of sex with young boys casts into doubt if Mitterand can long retain his current position.

Members of the Socialist Party which Mitterand’s uncle once led, expressed shock at the admission of the Culture Minister and his defense of Polanski. Oh well, once a member of the Hollywood crowd, what would it take to lose favor?