French First Lady Not Left Winger

Carla Bruni Sakkozy was a model before marrying Nicolas Sarkozy and becoming the first lady of the nation. In her younger days, Carla hung around with left wing types and, as she put it: “I would never vote for the right.” However, she married a man who was on the right and love can do wondrous things to one’s political views, particularly if your spouse is president of a country. Alas the power of power encroached into the mind of Carla. She now announces to the world: “I don’t really feel left wing anymore.” She has been working to broaden the range of intellectual materials that her husband reads and has now has him boasting he reads that intellectual stuff.

I can understand the feelings of Carla. I used to believe that Barack Obama was a liberal whose first thoughts were to secure decent job opportunities for those seeking work. Little did I realize his first agenda was to win a place in history by pushing through a healthcare bill. In focusing on healthcare rather than jobs he basically destroyed the Democratic party. Oh well, he probably will win re-election. Power makes strange bedfellows.